Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager view is slow ? Please …

If you will try to run Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager(RELM) view and see some performance concern, please try to see its Query performance. There are two easy ways


Firebug is a popular and useful tool to debug the web application. One of its functions is to watch the network activities. Please take a look at the following picture.


If you click “Net” > “All” tabs, you will see all HTTP requests, such as GET and POST. The key request is “POST /relm/relmui/query/”. This is a request to execute SPARQL Query and this will tell us how much time is spent to process SPARQL query from a client(web browser) point of view. If you will see a query which spends a long time, that query would be a target to be improved. If you open a “+” sign in “POST /relm/relmui/query/”, you will see HTTP Headers, Post and Response so that you will see what SPARQL is called.

Lifecycle Query Engine(LQE) Admin UI

Also LQE provide its statistics and one of this information is SPARQL query execution time. If you will click LQE Administration> Statistics, you will see “Statistics” page. Then if you will click “View As List” in a row of “Completed Queries”, you will see the following list.


This is similar to what you saw in Firebug, but this is based on a server side(LQE) point of view and you will see which query takes a long time. If you will click “More Details” link, you will see


This will an exact SPARQL query to be executed. You can copy it and execute it from RELM Query page.