Tips : Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager View performance – Tree Container

if your Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager(RELM) View is slow, and it uses a Tree Container, please check …

  1. How many Tree Containers are used ?
  2. What value is set for “expandDepth” ?
  3. What SPARQLs are used to find out the top node and its children in tree containers ?

These values affect the performance because the number of SPARQL calls are calculated by

  • the number of Tree Containers X (the value of “expandDepth” + 1)

For example, if there are 10 Tree Containers, and the value of “expandDepth” is “2”, then the number of SPARQL calls is

  • 10 x (2+1) = 30

If the average of the assigned SPARQL execution time is 0.5sec,  15sec(30×0.5 = 15) is spent by only SPARQL execution. In order to draw the view, not only SPARQL execution time but also Web Browser rendering time and the network communication time are necessary, so we can guess the performance is over 15sec, like 20sec.

In this case, we need to consider

  • Remove the number of Tree Containers
  • Reduce the value of “expandDepth”
  • Improve SPARQL itself

That should help to improve the performance.