How do you customize LQE to query RTC WI properties even if RTC doesn’t feed them to LQE ?

by jljlmatu

Currently, even if you can get RTC workitem properties by OSLC API, somehow LQE can’t query them by SPARQL. ( For example, RTC SCM (or Git) Change Set label is a good example. )

At this moment, there seems to be no way to let LQE index and query such properties. However, if you will extract such properties as RDF and add them to LQE as its Vocabularies, LQE can query such properties !

The source code is available, but somehow there is no way to upload a zip file to this blog, I uploaded a pdf  file which has the content of several source files.

  1. Download LinkLabelExport . This is a simple guide document to tell you how to write a code
  2. Download LinkLabelExportCode . This is a copy of the content of several source code
  3. Start Eclipse
  4. Create following two Java Projects
    1. LinkLabelExport
    2. org.apache.jena
  5. Create the following files by using LinkLabelExportCode
    1. /LinkLabelExport/src/com/ibm/rtc/sample/
    2. /LinkLabelExport/src/com/ibm/rtc/sample/
    3. /LinkLabelExport/.class
    4. /org.apache.jena/.class
  6. Follow steps in  LinkLabelExport