Do you want to export Firebug’s Net contents ?

I think many Web application developers might use FireBug to debug JavaScript or trace some HTTP messages. One of its feature is “Net” console to see what GET/POST/… messages are exchanged between Web server and Firefox. Sometimes you want to keep (or export) it for your debug. If so, you can try  –

  1. NetExport add-on : This allows you to export the content of Net console as HTTP Archive format
  2. HAR Viewer :  This is an on-line HTTP Archive viewer

If you want to run HAR viewer on your local PC, you can download and install the following apps.

  1. xampp – This includes Apache web server as well as PHP runtime.
  2. HAR viewer code – HTTP Archive Viewer code

Once you will download xampp, please install it to the default location ( c:\xampp ). Also once you will download HAR viewer code zip file, unzip it to c:\xampp\htdocs\harviewer directory so that you can see c:\xampp\htdocs\harviewer\index.php there.

In order to start HAR viewer on your pc, please start Apache by using c:\xampp\xampp-control.exe. then open Firefox and access http://localhost/harviewer.

If you have HAR(HTTP Archive) file to be displayed, first you need to open it by a text editor, then copy and paste it to a text area and press “Preview” button.

As a reference, you can also export Console view content. Please see ConsoleExport.

Hopes it could help your debug.